The TAS Field School is a great place to bring your entire family, and the Youth Program focuses on developing archeology skills, fun activities, and hands-on learning activities each day.  

  • Learn how to lay out archeological excavation units and dig with trowels
  • Throw rabbit sticks and darts with atlatls
  • Learn how to keep record level information and collect artifacts
  • Learn how to start fire using friction
  • Learn Native American stories and legends
  • Learn about historic life

Participation in the Youth field crew is for children between 7 and 14 years old (as of June) and who have completed first grade. All Youth participants must be TAS members and registered to attend Field School with a parent or an adult TAS sponsor. For each child attending with an adult sponsor, a Sponsor Agreement must be signed and notarized by the parent and sponsor, and this agreement is available on the event registration page.

The Youth Group works the same hours as the adults, from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, at their site/excavation area. Parents and sponsors, especially those with archeology experience, are encouraged to come and work with the Youth for the full week, as we appreciate having a core group of adult supervisors who are there the entire week. We also encourage any adults who like to work with kids to join the Youth Group, even if you are not a parent or a sponsor of child. Each adult and youth participant should bring all of the appropriate clothing, digging kit, and tools as listed under “Excavation Crew Member” on the Field and Lab Info page, with a couple of exceptions. Youth participants are not required to bring a shovel or any buckets because these are provided. Adult participants are encouraged to bring a long-handled shovel if they have one.  

On one day during the field school (usually in middle of the week), the Youth Group generally goes an organized educational field trip to a nearby historical site. Parents and Adult sponsors are encouraged to go on this trip with their children. Traditionally, the Youth Group bands together on one afternoon and evening (usually in the middle of the week on the same day as the field trip) to practice and perform a sing-along skit called “The Sinking of the Titanic.” In addition to the organized activities, there is plenty of time for kids to play at the campgrounds and swim in the nearby “swimming hole.” Many children develop friendships that they are able to renew each year.

Please note that the TAS and the Youth Group directors are only responsible for your children during the workday while they are at the archeological site or on a field trip. Parents and sponsors are responsible for their children at all other times and back at the campsite.