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Arnold, Barto

  • Padre Island Shipwreck 1544
  • Shipwreck of Denbigh, Blockade Runner

Binetti, Frank

  • Stone Tools, Their Shape, Usage and Manufacture in the Americas
  • Human Migration into the Americas

Brandon, Jamie

  • Historical Archeology
  • African American Archeology
  • Caddo in the Red River Valley
  • Archeology in the Ar-La-Tex

Brown, Ken

  • Historical Archeology
  • African American Archeology
  • Plantation Archeology

Bush, Leslie

  • Uses of Plants by Ancient Texans
  • Paleoethnobotany (methods talk)
  • Interactions in the Northeast Mississippian Borderlands

Cloud, Andy

  • Big Bend Archeology
  • West Texas Archeology

Feit, Rachel

  • Historical Archeology
  • Urban Archeology
  • Archeology and Public Involvement

Fisher, Lindy

  • Old Collin County Prison (1880) Excavation by Collin Co. Arch Society
  • Collin County History
  • Quantrell, Frank and Jessie James in Collin County

Fredrick, Charles D.

  • Prehistoric agricultural terracing
  • Long term Mesoamerican canal irrigation
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Alluvial geoarchaeology
  • Dynamic landscapes and human settlement
  • Edwards Chert
  • Chert patination
  • Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating and landscape change
  • East Texas Sandy mantle

Griffin, Frank

  • Lithic Technology Primer
  • Interpreting Archeological Data

Guderjan, Tom

  • Maya Maritime Trade
  • What is a Maya City
  • New Developments in Maya Archeology

Hanson, Jeffery

  • Lesson from Lost Soldiers: Incident at the Fort Craig Cemetery
  • Protecting our heritage: Challenges in archaeological resource protection

Hester, Thomas R.

  • Texas Stone Artifacts/Typology
  • South Texas Archaeology
  • Spanish Colonial Archaeology
  • Belize Archaeology
  • Ancient Technologies

Hixson, Chuck

  • Excavations at Graham-Applegate Site near the Llano River
  • Prehistoric Paint Technology

Hoyt, Steve

  • Texas Maritime History and Archeology
  • Indianola – Rediscovering the ruins of a lost port city

Hudgins, Joe

  • Historic Archeology
  • Prehistoric Archeology

Hudspeth, Claude

  • Chihuahua Road

Jameson, Bryan

  • Lime Kiln at Mission Espiritu Santo
  • Earth Ovens at the Sprague Site

Keller, John (Jack)

  • Prehistoric Settlement Patterning and Pyrogenic Environments in the Southeast and Texas
  • Excavations at the Anglo-Saxon Minsters in Winchester, England
  • Caddoan Subsistence Ecology at George C. Davis

Kindall, Sheldon

  • Indians of SE Texas
  • Champs D'Asile, Liberty County
  • Galveston Bay Archeology

Mayer, Craig

  • European Medieval Archaeology
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking Archaeology
  • Roman Britain

McKee, Gary

  • Basic Archeology
  • La Salle
  • THC Atlas

Nowell, Doug

  • Underwater Archeology

Peel, Reeda

  • Rock Art
  • Griddlestones (comales)

Pollan, Johnney

  • Working on La Belle
  • Texas Seaport of Velasco
  • Eagle Island Plantation

Pollan, Sandra

  • Ceramics from Old Velasco
  • China Cabinet at Jackson Plantation
  • Staffordshire Transfer-print Ceramics

Ralph, Ron

  • Chiquihuitillos: A Style of Rock Art in Northern Mexico
  • Seminole Canyon
  • Fort Jefferson: Gibraltar of the Gulf
  • Hueco Tanks
  • San Josecito, Mexico
  • Under Every Rock: Jornada Art from the Red Hills and Black Mountain

Sabino, Rachel

  • Conservation/preservation of archaeological materials
  • Agents of deterioration of archaeological materials
  • Managing conservation for archaeological collections and museums
  • Workshops and practical demonstrations of archaeological conservation

Schmidt, May

  • How to Become Involved in Archeology
  • Why Protect Archeological Sites

Scism, Victoria

  • Texas Chihuahua Trail

Shafer, Harry

  • Ancient Mortuary Patterns in Texas
  • Ancient Mortuary Patterns in Texas: Implications of Broader Social and Ideological Connections
  • Colha, Belize: The Pittsburg of the Maya Lowlands
  • Hinds Cave: Diet and Archaic Period Lifeway
  • Masking the Dead: Mimbres Cosmology and World View in the Material Realm
  • Mimbres Archaeology at the NAN Ranch Ruin, New Mexico.
  • Mimbres Pottery
  • Woodland Cultures in East Texas with Central Texas Connections

Smith, Jimmy

  • Techado Spring Pueblo, West Central New Mexico

Stickney, Teddy Lou

  • Rock Art (prehistoric)

Stranahan, Pam Wheat

  • Opportunities to Volunteer in Texas Archeology
  • How to Teach Archeology (to grades 3–8)
  • Archeology Across Texas
  • The Story of La Belle/La Salle

Taylor, Matt

  • Bioarcheology of Texas
  • Dental Anthropology
  • Forensic Anthropology

Todd, Jesse

  • Use of Shell by Native Americans

Walters, Mark

  • Southern Peru
  • East Texas Caddo

Wernecke, Clark

  • Introduction to Archeology
  • Archeology of The Mexican/American War
  • Maya Archeology
  • Gault Site/Paleoindian

Yates, John

  • Tracing the Comanche War Trail
  • THE LAST LEG: Tracing the Mexico portion of The Chihuahua Trail 1868 - 1876

Yates, John & Ratheal, Max

  • Serendipitous Pot-pourri

Yeates, Bill

  • Astronomical Features at the Paint Rock Pictograph Site
  • Camp Melvin and the Pontoon Crossing on the Pecos
  • Cavalry Posts of the Big Bend Area
  • Rock Art of Utah
  • WW2 Army Air Fields of West Texas

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