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Field School Locations

Young boys at Field SchoolEvery year the Texas Archeological Society sponsors an archeological excavation to provide training in disciplined archeological techniques. TAS Sign points to Field SchoolThe field school is designed to last eight days and each year is located in different areas of the state. People young and old attend the annual event and take advantage of the many activities and learning opportunities available. Come along and learn more about the TAS Field School.Tent City

Excavation at Field SchoolEvery year a small city of tents and tent trailers as well as RVs arrive at a location established as the base camp for the week. Some choose not to camp and stay in local motels. The main focus for the week is to participate in an archeological excavation In the lab at Clarindonled by trained professionals. Participants may choose to work on-site in an active excavation to learn proper procedures and documentation. Others choose to go on survey to learn how to locate and record historical and prehistorical sites. Still others prefer the less strenuous activities of cleaning and recording artifacts in the laboratory. The workday is from 7:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M. When lunchtime rolls around the workday is through.

Social Gather at Field SchoolThe afternoon and evening is free time for the participants to rest, enjoy activities offered in the local area, participate in educational workshops and programs or just socialize with friends.Studying pottery at Field School Programs aimed at instructional topics such as flint knapping, or making pottery are scheduled after the evening meal.  These are followed by an evening program that focuses on the archeology, history of the area or topics of local interest to the membership.

The TAS Field School is truly a family affair.  In addition to adult programs an active youth program is available.  The Society also provides a kitchen trailer and cooks to prepare the breakfast and evening meals for those who want to avoid the hassle of cooking.  For more information be sure and browse the sections on Past Field Schools and Kids Field School.Evening at Field School

Field School KitchenRegistration for the summer field school will allow you to receive instructing you on equipment to bring and additional information. You may also contact the TAS Office or the Field School Chairman with specific questions.

Field School scholarships are available from the Multicultural Program. See background about these scholarships here.  Information specific to the Diversity Program Scholarships, overseen by the Diversity Program Subcommittee, may be found here.  Information specific to the Collegiate Scholarships, overseen by the Collegiate Scholarship Subcommittee, may be found here.  PDF and online versions of the application forms are available on the website.

 Native American Field School Scholarships: the TAS has been offering scholarships to support Native Americans who attend the TAS Field School since 2003. Rather than asking for applications, the Multicultural Program’s Native American Field School Scholarship Subcommittee solicits recipients from appropriate Native American groups to attend each Field School. For details on this initiative, see this webpage.


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