Donors' Fund Grants

The Texas Archeological Society Donors' Fund Grants

The TAS Donors' Fund is a permanent invested fund, the interest/dividend income from which is used to promote and expedite research and the publication of special reports.  The name Donors signifies that the Fund is based on donations.

If you are doing archeological research or contemplating publication, and need funds, try applying to the Donors' Fund for a grant.  The Guidelines for applications are given on the Donors' Fund Page.  The last word on the award of grants is in the hands of the TAS Board of Directors, but immediate administration is by six Trustees (two appointed each year for three-year terms by the President), who review applications and decide on their merits, and make recommendations to the TAS Board.

Past grants have supported, radiocarbon dating, test excavations, stabilization of a site that was eroding, and publication.

TAS Research Support Fund

The TAS Research Support Fund is a fund used to promote and expedite research and the publication of such research.  The name Research indicates that the Fund is intended to be used for research and will rely on donations.  However, any grants from these funds are not limited to the interest accrued on the fund.  The mechanism for accumulating funds may be as a free will offering or through solicitation of the membership and other interested parties. Therefore, an applicant may submit a proposal and at the same time be soliciting contributions for this endeavor.  An applicant may also submit an application without having donors identified.