About TAS

The Texas Archeological Society

is dedicated to the study and preservation of the historic and prehistoric aspects of Texas' past.

The Society's yearly membership varies between 1,100 and 1,500 members. TAS is devoted to research, public education, and the preservation of Texas history and prehistory.

Founded in 1929 and with a current membership of 1,000, the Texas Archeological Society (TAS) brings together Professional and Avocational Archeologists. Together we promote scientific archeological exploration and research, the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites, and the curation of their associated information.  Members receive a yearly scholarly publication, the Bulletin of the Texas Archeology Society, and a quarterly newsletter, Texas Archeology. A three-day Annual Meeting is held each year in various parts of the state and a Field School is held for a week in June. Academies  (workshops on various archeological topics) are held in the Spring each year. Join us!


Regional Societies

If you are looking to become active at the local level, there are many regional archeological societies in Texas that operate in conjunction with, though independently of, the Texas Archeological Society (TAS). The regional archeological societies offer additional opportunities for individuals to meet others of like mind and provide a means of sharing information and experiences.  Most of these societies have regular meetings, often monthly, with guest speakers.  Many also have projects in which their members can participate and learn proper archeological field and laboratory techniques. If you are interested in starting a new archeological society, please contact the TAS business office for a set of sample documents and guidelines.


Standing Committees, Ad-hoc Committees, Special Appointees


The TAS offers seven awards to members in recognition of outstanding service to the Society and to Texas archeology.

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Constitution & Bylaws

This page contains the current Constitution and Bylaws of the Texas Archeological Society.