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Mentorship Program

Code of Conduct

A primary goal of this program is to increase diversity and inclusion in Texas Archeology. Therefore as a participant of this mentorship program, I agree to the following Code of Conduct. If I violate any of these rules, the Future of Texas Archeology Mentoring Program may suspend or terminate my participation in the program.

Rule 1. Training. I agree to attend and actively participate in all mentoring training.

Rule 2. Confidentiality. Except as provided below, I shall not disclose to any third party any personal details of my communications with my Mentor/Mentee without prior permission of my Mentor/Mentee.

Rule 3. Availability. I will respect others' time and ensure to only ask what is reasonable and attend any planned meetings in a timely manner with good notice of any changes or cancellations.

Rule 4. Communications. In my communications with my Mentor/Mentee, (1) I shall be mindful of the language that I use, and (2) I shall not transmit offensive images as defined in the handbook.

Rule 5. Topics for Discussion. If my Mentor/Mentee expresses unwillingness, reluctance, or discomfort in discussing any topic that I have raised, I shall promptly cease pursuing that topic.

Rule 6. Personal Relationships. I shall not pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with my Mentor/Mentee.

Rule 7. Meetings in Person. I understand that my mentor/Mentee will meet me at a program approved location for our in person, monthly meetings.

Rule 8. Prohibited Advice. I shall not seek medical, mental-health, or legal advice from my Mentor/Mentee during the length of the mentorship.

Rule 9. Financial Assistance. I shall not ask my Mentor/Mentee for money.

Rule 10. Career Assistance. I shall not expect my Mentor to find me a job.

Rule 11. Behave Professionally. I will treat others in a respectful and appropriate manner.

Rule 12. Duty to Report Code Violations. If I observe or hear of any Participant behaving in a manner that violates the Mentoring Code of Conduct or the individual mentor/mentee contract, I shall promptly report my observations to the mentoring program coordinators at

Rule 13. Right to Termination of Mentorship. I have the right to dissolve the mentorship at any time throughout the period of the mentoring relationship. At the end of the mentorship term, I will share the responsibility for the smooth winding down to include the exit forms for the program.

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