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Friends Start with a group of kids that range in ages from elementary to junior high.  Add adult supervisors, toss in generous helpings of cool activities planned and directed by a Youth Coordinator and you have the makings of great week of archeological experiences at a Texas Archeological Society Field School.

For those of you who were wondering if a TAS Field School was a good place to bring kids. YOU BET IT IS!

During the 2003 Field School at Presidio San Sabá in Menard the youth group directed by Mr. Neal Stilley involved lots of fun and learning.

  • Learned how to lay out excavation units, and dig with trowels
  • Throwing darts with atlatls
  • Learned how to keep record level information and collect artifacts
  • Learned how Indians started fires with friction and cooked using boiling stones
  • Saw how Spanish colonial soldiers lived and worked
  • Throwing rabbit sticks
  • Learned about different types of Spanish Colonial artifacts
  • Visited Fort McKavett ab 1870s Texas Fort
  • Learned about tree ring dating
  • Heard Native American stories and legends
  • Visited the mission San Sabá site

Kids Field School Entertainment One of the highlights of this year's field school was the youth group play on Thursday night.  Traditionally the youth sing the song Titanic.  As an addition to the evening program the kids reenacted the history of the Presidio San Sabá for the adults, with a complete cast of characters—Spanish soldiers and priests, Lipan Apaches and Comanches, and even the intrepid Field School Archeologists Grant Hall and Tamra Walter.

In addition to the organized activities, there is plenty of time for the youth to play and swim in the nearby "swimming hole".  Many kids develop friendships they renew every year as an extended family.  The TAS Field School is truly a family affair.


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October 31, 2014