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Strategic Planning for 2005–2008

In January 2005, Members of the Board and committee members were invited to San Antonio to participate in a two-day retreat. The following people contributed their time and talents in developing a draft strategic plan set to go to the Board in April of that year: Officers—President Ron Ralph, President-Elect Glynn Osburn, Past President David Carlson, Secretary Carolyn Spock, Treasurer Marybeth Tomka, BTAS Editor Nancy Kenmotsu, Newsletter Editor Jonelle Miller; Regional Directors—Region 3 Bryan Jameson, Region 6 Nelson Marek, Region 7 Trudy Williams, Region 9 May and Jim Schmidt, Region 10 Claude Hudspeth, Region 12 Mike Durack; Committee Chairs—Budget Committee Marvin Glasgow, Communications Committee Carol Macaulay, Fiscal Overview Committee (Audit) Skip Kennedy, Human Remains Committee Mary Williamson, Internet Committee Jimmy Smith, Membership Committee Maureen Brown, Academy Committee Dee Dee Green, MultiCultural Relations Committee Margaret Howard; Committee Members—Harry Shafer, Christine Gauger, Tim Brewster, Gary McKee, Karen Fustes; Staff—Pam Wheat and Laura Beavers with Facilitators Florence MacDaniel and Phil Raymond from the Nonprofit Resource Center.

The ideas that emerged were affirmation of the mission statement:

The Texas Archeological Society promotes study, preservation and awareness of Texas archeology. The Society encourages scientific archeological exploration and research, the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites and the interpretation and publication of the data attendant thereto.

Five Strategic Directions Vital to the Fulfillment of the Mission and Goals of the Society were determined. They are as follow:

Create Training Opportunities for Students

  • Fourth through eighth graders will be targeted with information about archeology through the Internet, curricula, library book donations and volunteer speakers.
  • Youth will be encouraged to learn about archeology through informal education programs (scouts and others).
  • Teachers will train in archeology curricula.
  • Archeology will be integrated into TEA mandates and TEKS.
  • Collegiate Scholarships will be funded for all TAS programs.

Enhance and Expand Programs

  • Field Schools, Academies, and Annual Meeting will be expanded and enhanced.
  • Regional programs will be increased.

Increase and Diversify Membership

  • New members will be recruited.
  • Professionals, students, and ethnic peoples will be encouraged to join.

Inform the Community of their Archeological Heritage and Values

  • TAS will develop media products including TV specials, CDs, DVDs, and a virtual dig for the web site.
  • Regular public communication on Texas archeology will increase public awareness.

Cultivate and Preserve Resources (People and Dollars)

  • Training will be offered to Board members.
  • A resource/development committee will seek new funding and sponsors.
  • A scholarship committee will provide opportunities or broader participation in TAS programs.

There will be further development of the directives so they can receive committee support and funding.


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