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You can now donate to the Donors' Fund, Research Support Fund, Endowment Fund, and Multicultural Program Scholarships online through our secure credit card transaction.  There is an Other category as well as a Comments section where you can specify the use of your donation.   It's quick, safe and tax deductible! Donate Online!

The Donors' Fund

The Donors' Fund is a permanent fund; its income shall be used to promote and expedite research and publication of special reports. The Donors' Fund is managed and administered by six Trustees. The Trustees review requests for funding yearly and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The grants for funding are issued from the revenues of interest accrued on the Donors' Fund.

The Guidelines provide the instructions for requesting a grant from the Donors' Fund. The History documents how grant money has been used in the past.

The Research Support Fund

The Research Support Fund is to be used to promote and expedite archeological research and the publication of the results of such research. The fund will rely on donations; both the balance and interest accrued will be fully available to provide grants. The Donors' Fund Trustees will also administer this fund, reviewing requests for funding and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

The Endowment Fund

The TAS Endowment Fund is a fund established by E. Mott and Beth Ogden Davis.  The Endowment Fund is a restricted fund with an invested principal.  The interest is available to support TAS at the discretion of the TAS Board of Directors.  Contributions are tax deductible and welcome at any time.  Please note the specific fund to which you are contributing.

The Multicutural Program Committee: Scholarship Funds

Support for participation in Texas Archeological Society activities (Archeology Academy, Field School, Annual Meeting) is provided through outreach efforts under the Multicultural Program Committee’s scholarships: Collegiate Scholarships, Diversity Program Scholarships, and Native American Field School Scholarships.  Each scholarship area is administered by a subcommittee whose members review all applications and choose the recipients, or in the case of the Native American Field School Scholarship subcommittee, solicit recipients from appropriate Native American groups.  Donations are sought to provide funding for the scholarships that are awarded to chosen applicants.  Money awarded will stay within the confines of the money received from donors, and is not limited to revenues (interest…) accrued on the donated funds.


The TAS gratefully acknowledges the support of the following foundations for their financial contributions: the Texas Historical Foundation, the Houston Endowment, the Brown Foundation, the Clements Foundation, the Hamman Foundation, the HEB Foundation, the Summerlee Foundation, the Trull Foundation, the Bass Foundation, Humanities Texas, and the Summerfield Roberts Foundation.


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