Vol. 87:2016


Robert Z. Selden, Jr., Editor
Timothy K. Perttula, Assistant Editor

Publication Articles: 

Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society Foreward

Robert Z. Selden, Jr. (pp. v. - vi.)

Texas Archeological Society 1998 Excavations at the L. E. Wagner Site (41VT128), Victoria County, Texas

David G. Robinson, J. Kevin Hanselka, Dale Hudler (pp. 1 - 44)

The History and the Rock Art of San Esteban Rockshelter, Presidio County, Texas

Roger D. Boren (pp. 45 - 100)

Guerrero Arrow Points: Patterns of Distribution and Archeological Implications

Steve A. Tomka (pp. 101 - 122)

The Clear Creek Site (41BW698), an Early 19th Century Settlement in the Red River Valley, Bowie County, Texas

Timothy K. Perttula, Bob D. Skiles, Bo Nelson (pp. 123 - 162)

Small Site Archeology: 41GL129, A Flake Cache Site in Gillespie County, Texas

Carey D. Weber (pp. 163 - 184)