Vol. 86:2015


Tamara L. Walter, Editor
Timothy K. Perttula, Assistant Editor

Publication Articles: 

The 2000 TAS Field School: Archeological Investigations in the Alamito Creek Basin, Presidio County, Texas

Richard W. Walter (pp. 1 - 61)

Archeological Investigations at the Dalbey Site (41DL350), Dallas, Texas

Alan, C. Britt Bousman, Jesse Todd (pp. 61 - 86)

A Reanalysis of the Hussie Miers and El Caido Sites: Plains Biographic Rock Art and the Southern Plains Ethnographic Record

Michael P. Jordan (pp. 87 - 108)

Dating the Upper Toyah Component at Rowe Valley (41WM437) Or Establishing A New Temporal Context for Subsistence and Site Use at Rowe Valley

Haley E. Rush, Elton R. Prewitt, C. Britt Bousman, Leslie Bush (pp. 109 - 130)

A Steatite Vessel Fragment from 41SS178, San Saba County, Texas: Consideration of Late Prehistoric Connections between the Northwestern and Southern Plains

Christopher Lintz, Daniel Prikryl (pp. 131 - 158)

Aboriginal Ceramics from the North Central Texas Region of Texas

Linda W. Ellis, Timothy K. Perttula, Wilson W. Crook, III (pp. 159 - 192)

The Midland Calvarium and the Early Human Habitation of the Americas

Matthew S. Taylor (pp. 193 - 208)

A Late Archaic Multiple Burial at Lake Ray Hubbard

Catrina Banks Whitley, Alan (pp. 209 - 236)

The Discovery and Study of the Mexican War Mass Grave at Resaca de la Palma

Thomas R. Hester (pp. 237 - 248)