Vol. 85:2014


Tamara L. Walter, Editor
Timothy K. Perttula, Assistant Editor
Nancy A. Kenmotsu, Associate Editor

Publication Articles: 


Edward B. Jelks (pp. 1 - 3)

Critical Thinking in Archeology: Papers in Memory of Dee Ann Story

Nancy A. Kenmotsu, Timothy K. Perttula (pp. 5 - 7)

The Legacy of Dee Ann Story

Harry J. Shafer, Thomas R. Hester (pp. 9 - 30)

Publications of Dee Ann Suhm Story

Harry J. Shafer, Nancy A. Kenmotsu, Timothy K. Perttula (pp. 31 - 32)

The Construction and Eventual Burning of the Experimental Caddo House Structure at the George C. Davis Site (41CE19) in East Texas

Timothy K. Perttula, Bob D. Skiles (pp. 33 - 47)

What Does "Long Hat's Camp" Really Tell Us? A Consideration of the Meaning of Two Popular Photographs to Caddo Indians

Ann M. Early (pp. 49 - 59)

The James Pace Site (16DS268) and Early Caddo Development Along the Upper Sabine River

Jeffrey S. Girard (pp. 61 - 81)

Early European Descriptions of Hasinai Elites and Understanding Prehistoric Caddo Mortuary Practices in Shelby County, Texas

Tom Middlebrook (pp. 83 - 110)

The Titus Phase from the Top and Bottom: Looking at Sociopolitical Organization through the Pine Tree Mound and U.S. Highway 271 Mount Pleasant Relief Route Projects

Ross C. Fields (pp. 111 - 146)

At the Confluence of GIS and Geochemistry: Identifying Geochemical Correlates of Ripley Engraved Caddo Ceramics

Robert Z. Selden, Jr., Timothy K. Perttula (pp. 147 - 158)

Corn is Life: Temporal Trends in the Use of Corn (Zea mays) by Caddo Peoples from Radiocarbon-dated Samples and Stable Isotope Analyses

Timothy K. Perttula, Robert Z. Selden, Jr., Diane E. Wilson (pp. 159 - 181)

Maintaining Ties, Seeking Opportunities: Excavations at Columbus Pueblo (LA 85774), Luna County, New Mexico

Nancy A. Kenmotsu, Tabitha G. Burgess, Lora Jackson Legare, Myles R. Miller (pp. 183 - 203)

Identifying Causes of the Thirteenth Century Depopulation of the Northern Southwest

Kristin A. Kuckelman (pp. 205 - 224)

Defining and Using Households in Archeological Analysis

Ricky R. Lightfoot, Richard H. Wilshusen, Mark D. Varien (pp. 225 - 234)

Revisiting the Stylistic Classification of a Charcoal Pictograph in the Lower Pecos

Carolyn E. Boyd, Marvin W. Rowe, Karen Steelman (pp. 235 - 241)

The Knox Biface: An Incised Stone Artifact from Central Texas

James D. Keyser (pp. 243 - 250)

Toward an Improved Archaic Radiocarbon Chronology for Central Texas

Jon C. Lohse, Stephen L. Black, Laly M. Cholak (pp. 251 - 279)

Chemical Characterization of Two Primary Igneous Metamorphic Glass Sources from the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Presidio County, Texas

Christopher Lintz, Richard E. Hughes, Tim Roberts (pp. 281 - 293)