Vol. 84:2013


Tamara L. Walter, Editor
Timothy K. Perttula, Assistant Editor

Publication Articles: 

From the Southwest and Northern Mexico to the Southeast, and the Southern Plains

Timothy K. Perttula, Myles R. Miller (pp. 1 - 3)

Pottery at La Junta: One View of Regional Interaction along the Rio Grande

Nancy A. Kenmotsu (pp. 5 - 28)

A Compositional Analysis of Central Texas Hunter-Gatherer Ceramics and Its Implications for Mobility, Ethnic Group Territory, and Interaction

Darrell Creel, Jeffrey R. Ferguson, Nancy A. Kenmotsu (pp. 29 - 83)

The Rockport Ware Pottery of the Central Texas Coast: Form, Technology, Style, and Ethnic Affiliation

Robert A. Ricklis (pp. 85 - 111)

Aboriginal Ceramics Among Groups Living in the Prairie Savanna Region of Texas

Timothy K. Perttula, Linda W. Ellis (pp. 113 - 135)

Woodland Ceramics in East Texas and a Case Study of Mill Creek Culture Ceramics

Linda W. Ellis (pp. 137 - 180)

Caddo Ceramics in East Texas

Timothy K. Perttula (pp. 181 - 212)

Twisted Serpents and Fierce Birds: Structural Variation in Caddo Engraved Ceramic Bottle Motifs

Eloise Frances Gadus (pp. 213 - 245)

Native-made Historic Ceramics of Texas

Steve A. Tomka, Timothy K. Perttula, Tom Middlebrook, Morris K. Jackson (pp. 247 - 267)