Vol. 83:2012


Tamara L. Walter, Editor
Timothy K. Perttula, Assistant Editor

Publication Articles: 


Tamara L. Walter (pp. 0 - 0)

A Mass Grave of Mexican Soldiers from the Resaca de la Palma Battlefield (41CF3): Demography and Battle-Related Injuries

Daniel J. Wescott, Lori E. Baker, D. Clark Wernecke, Michael B. Collins (pp. 1 - 21)

The Pine Tree Mound Site and the Archeology of the Nadaco Caddo

Ross C. Fields, Eloise Frances Gadus (pp. 23 - 80)

Risky Business: Caddo Farmers Living at the Edge of the Eastern Woodlands

Timothy K. Perttula (pp. 81 - 97)

Siren Site Chronology: A Reconsideration of the Late Archaic to Late Prehistoric Temporal Sequence of Eastern Central Texas

Stephen M. Carpenter, Brett A. Houk (pp. 99 - 128)

The Bateman Biface Cache (41SM443), Smith County, Texas

Harry J. Shafer, Mark Walters, David L. Carlson (pp. 129 - 144)

Excavations at the Oblate Site (41CM1), Comal County, Texas: The 1963 Texas Archeological Society (TAS) Field School

J. Robert Wishoff, Sean R. Nash, Michael B. Collins (pp. 145 - 180)

Painted Textiles of the Lower Pecos Region, Texas

Solveg A. Turpin (pp. 181 - 190)

41VV2079: A Rock Shelter Excavated by Ted Sayles in 1932

Shirley Boteler Mock (pp. 191 - 213)

Transitional Archaic/Late Prehistoric Cooking Technology in the Lower Pecos: Excavation of the Lost Midden Site (41VV1991), Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, Val Verde County, Texas

Tim Roberts, Luis Alvarado (pp. 215 - 238)