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Vol. 87:2016

Small Site Archeology: 41GL129, A Flake Cache Site in Gillespie County, Texas | Carey D. Weber
The Clear Creek Site (41BW698), an Early 19th Century Settlement in the Red River Valley, Bowie County, Texas | Timothy K. Perttula , Bob D. Skiles , Bo Nelson
Guerrero Arrow Points: Patterns of Distribution and Archeological Implications | Steve A. Tomka
The History and the Rock Art of San Esteban Rockshelter, Presidio County, Texas | Roger D. Boren
Texas Archeological Society 1998 Excavations at the L. E. Wagner Site (41VT128), Victoria County, Texas | David G. Robinson , J. Kevin Hanselka , Dale Hudler
Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society Foreward | Robert Z. Selden, Jr.

Vol. 86:2015

The Discovery and Study of the Mexican War Mass Grave at Resaca de la Palma | Thomas R. Hester
A Late Archaic Multiple Burial at Lake Ray Hubbard | Catrina Banks Whitley , S. Alan Skinner
The Midland Calvarium and the Early Human Habitation of the Americas | Matthew S. Taylor
A Steatite Vessel Fragment from 41SS178, San Saba County, Texas: Consideration of Late Prehistoric Connections between the Northwestern and Southern Plains | Christopher Lintz , Daniel Prikryl
Aboriginal Ceramics from the North Central Texas Region of Texas | Linda W. Ellis , Timothy K. Perttula , Wilson W. Crook, III
Dating the Upper Toyah Component at Rowe Valley (41WM437) Or Establishing A New Temporal Context for Subsistence and Site Use at Rowe Valley | Haley E. Rush , Elton R. Prewitt , C. Britt Bousman , Leslie Bush
A Reanalysis of the Hussie Miers and El Caido Sites: Plains Biographic Rock Art and the Southern Plains Ethnographic Record | Michael P. Jordan
Archeological Investigations at the Dalbey Site (41DL350), Dallas, Texas | S. Alan Skinner , C. Britt Bousman , Jesse Todd
The 2000 TAS Field School: Archeological Investigations in the Alamito Creek Basin, Presidio County, Texas | Richard W. Walter

Vol. 85:2014

Chemical Characterization of Two Primary Igneous Metamorphic Glass Sources from the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Presidio County, Texas | Christopher Lintz , Richard E. Hughes , Tim Roberts
Toward an Improved Archaic Radiocarbon Chronology for Central Texas | Jon C. Lohse , Stephen L. Black , Laly M. Cholak
The Knox Biface: An Incised Stone Artifact from Central Texas | James D. Keyser
Revisiting the Stylistic Classification of a Charcoal Pictograph in the Lower Pecos | Carolyn E. Boyd , Marvin W. Rowe , Karen Steelman
Defining and Using Households in Archeological Analysis | Ricky R. Lightfoot , Richard H. Wilshusen , Mark D. Varien
Identifying Causes of the Thirteenth Century Depopulation of the Northern Southwest | Kristin A. Kuckelman
Maintaining Ties, Seeking Opportunities: Excavations at Columbus Pueblo (LA 85774), Luna County, New Mexico | Nancy A. Kenmotsu , Tabitha G. Burgess , Lora Jackson Legare , Myles R. Miller
Corn is Life: Temporal Trends in the Use of Corn (Zea mays) by Caddo Peoples from Radiocarbon-dated Samples and Stable Isotope Analyses | Timothy K. Perttula , Robert Z. Selden, Jr. , Diane E. Wilson
At the Confluence of GIS and Geochemistry: Identifying Geochemical Correlates of Ripley Engraved Caddo Ceramics | Robert Z. Selden, Jr. , Timothy K. Perttula
The Titus Phase from the Top and Bottom: Looking at Sociopolitical Organization through the Pine Tree Mound and U.S. Highway 271 Mount Pleasant Relief Route Projects | Ross C. Fields
Early European Descriptions of Hasinai Elites and Understanding Prehistoric Caddo Mortuary Practices in Shelby County, Texas | Tom Middlebrook
The James Pace Site (16DS268) and Early Caddo Development Along the Upper Sabine River | Jeffrey S. Girard
What Does "Long Hat's Camp" Really Tell Us? A Consideration of the Meaning of Two Popular Photographs to Caddo Indians | Ann M. Early
The Construction and Eventual Burning of the Experimental Caddo House Structure at the George C. Davis Site (41CE19) in East Texas | Timothy K. Perttula , Bob D. Skiles
Publications of Dee Ann Suhm Story | Harry J. Shafer , Nancy A. Kenmotsu , Timothy K. Perttula
The Legacy of Dee Ann Story | Harry J. Shafer , Thomas R. Hester
Critical Thinking in Archeology: Papers in Memory of Dee Ann Story | Nancy A. Kenmotsu , Timothy K. Perttula
Prologue | Edward B. Jelks

Vol. 84:2013

Native-made Historic Ceramics of Texas | Steve A. Tomka , Timothy K. Perttula , Tom Middlebrook , Morris K. Jackson
Twisted Serpents and Fierce Birds: Structural Variation in Caddo Engraved Ceramic Bottle Motifs | Eloise Frances Gadus
Caddo Ceramics in East Texas | Timothy K. Perttula
Woodland Ceramics in East Texas and a Case Study of Mill Creek Culture Ceramics | Linda W. Ellis
Aboriginal Ceramics Among Groups Living in the Prairie Savanna Region of Texas | Timothy K. Perttula , Linda W. Ellis
The Rockport Ware Pottery of the Central Texas Coast: Form, Technology, Style, and Ethnic Affiliation | Robert A. Ricklis
A Compositional Analysis of Central Texas Hunter-Gatherer Ceramics and Its Implications for Mobility, Ethnic Group Territory, and Interaction | Darrell Creel , Jeffrey R. Ferguson , Nancy A. Kenmotsu
Pottery at La Junta: One View of Regional Interaction along the Rio Grande | Nancy A. Kenmotsu
From the Southwest and Northern Mexico to the Southeast, and the Southern Plains | Timothy K. Perttula , Myles R. Miller

Vol. 83:2012

Transitional Archaic/Late Prehistoric Cooking Technology in the Lower Pecos: Excavation of the Lost Midden Site (41VV1991), Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site, Val Verde County, Texas | Tim Roberts , Luis Alvarado
41VV2079: A Rock Shelter Excavated by Ted Sayles in 1932 | Shirley Boteler Mock
Painted Textiles of the Lower Pecos Region, Texas | Solveg A. Turpin
Excavations at the Oblate Site (41CM1), Comal County, Texas: The 1963 Texas Archeological Society (TAS) Field School | J. Robert Wishoff , Sean R. Nash , Michael B. Collins
The Bateman Biface Cache (41SM443), Smith County, Texas | Harry J. Shafer , Mark Walters , David L. Carlson
Siren Site Chronology: A Reconsideration of the Late Archaic to Late Prehistoric Temporal Sequence of Eastern Central Texas | Stephen M. Carpenter , Brett A. Houk
Risky Business: Caddo Farmers Living at the Edge of the Eastern Woodlands | Timothy K. Perttula
The Pine Tree Mound Site and the Archeology of the Nadaco Caddo | Ross C. Fields , Eloise Frances Gadus
A Mass Grave of Mexican Soldiers from the Resaca de la Palma Battlefield (41CF3): Demography and Battle-Related Injuries | Daniel J. Wescott , Lori E. Baker , D. Clark Wernecke , Michael B. Collins
Foreword | Tamara L. Walter