The Texas Archeological Society Donors' Fund Grants

The TAS Donors' Fund is a permanent invested fund, the interest/dividend income from which is used to promote and expedite research and the publication of special reports.  The name Donors signifies that the Fund is based on donations.

If you are doing archeological research or contemplating publication, and need funds, try applying to the Donors' Fund for a grant.  The Guidelines for applications are given below.  The last word on the award of grants is in the hands of the TAS Board of Directors, but immediate administration is by six Trustees (two appointed each year for three-year terms by the President), who review applications and decide on their merits, and make recommendations to the TAS Board.

Past grants have supported, radiocarbon dating, test excavations, stabilization of a site that was eroding, and publication.

Guidelines for applications to the Donors' Fund, and for carrying out formal obligations if a grant is awarded, are as follows: 

Guidelines for Applicants and Grantees (The Application is also called a Proposal)

  1. Proposals must be received by February 1.  The recommendation of the Trustees will be made to the Board of Directors by mid-March in order to be considered at the next Board meeting.
  2. A brief resumé of the individual applicant, with facts relevant to qualifications to carry out the project described in the proposal, will accompany the application.  If an institution is sponsoring the work, a statement from the sponsoring institution must be included.
  3. Proposals by students must be accompanied by a letter from the student's supervisor or chairman.
  4. The proposal must include an outline of the proposed budget.
  5. The text of the proposal must be limited to four double-spaced pages, excluding the budget page(s).  Due to the number of proposals up for consideration and/or the funds available for award, the Donors' Fund is sometimes only able to offer partial support.  In the text, state either that full funding is required, or that partial funding of your proposal would be acceptable.
  6. The applicant must submit to the TAS Business Office at Texas State University San Marcos seven paper copies of the proposal or provide the Business Office with an electronic copy as a Microsoft Word document.
    Texas Archeological Society
    Attn:  Carole Leezer
    Dept. of Anthropology
    601 University Drive
    San Marcos TX 78666-4684
  7. In order not to obligate funds for an undue length of time, the grantee is given one year after receiving notification of the award to use the grant.  After that time, the unused grant monies will revert to the fund and will be available to other applicants.
  8. Within three months after discharging the grant, the grantee is to submit a letter to the Donors' Fund Trustees outlining the results obtained from the use of the grant money.
  9. All invoices up to the amount of the grant(s) approved are to be sent to the TAS Business Office for payment, and a copy of each invoice is to be mailed to the Chairman of the Donors' Fund Trustees.  If payment is to be made directly to the grantee as a reimbursement for expenses, specific arrangements must be made with the Administrative Director.
  10. Upon completion of the project, the grantee will submit an article reporting the work to the editor of Texas Archeology (TAS newsletter).  The newsletter editor should be consulted about formatting.

For additonal information about the Donors’ Fund Grant, please email