Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society

What is BTAS and who can submit?

The Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society (BTAS) is the Society’s flagship publication. The first volume was published in 1929 by Cyrus Ray as editor and it has been published annually (except for 1944) since. It is one of the oldest continuously published archeological journals in the US, and since its inception, has published articles by professional and avocational archaeologists. The focus is on the archeology, paleontology, and ethnohistory of Texas, adjacent states and Mexico. Anyone, members and non-members, can submit articles as long as they contain original and independent research. Individual volumes usually consist of 5-10 articles. Hard copies of the Bulletin are provided to TAS members as part of their annual membership. Back issues are now being offered to the public through our partners at the Portal to Texas History.

2018 Bulletin Call for Papers

The Society is accepting papers for Volume 89, which will be published in 2018. The editors encourage students of Texas archeology to publish articles based on their BA or MA theses or PhD dissertations. There is a great deal of research conducted by students over the years that has not been published and we want to invite students to submit papers on their research. We also would like to encourage avocational archeologists who conduct independent research in Texas to submit papers for publication. All papers will be considered and reviewed by the co-editors. If authors wish, we will submit papers for additional independent peer review upon request.

Formatting Guidelines 

A description of article formatting guidelines is available through this page. Please follow all instructions carefully, and utilize the downloadable Word template provided in this link.

Submission Instructions

Articles should be submitted by March 15 for consideration in BTAS Volume 89. Send the editors an intent to submit email at editor@txarch.org and we will send you a Dropbox link. All articles, associated figures, and tables should be submitted via the BTAS Submission Drop Box via this provided link. Please ensure that all text documents (title & author page, body of article, & references) are saved with the lead author’s last name, underscore mark, and the word “text,” e.g. “Himes_text”. Additionally, all text files should be saved as word documents. Figures and tables should follow a similar naming system starting with the lead author’s last name, underscore mark, and the word “fig” or “table,” e.g. “Himes_table_1” or “Himes_fig_3”.  Please include consecutive figure or table numbers that correspond with text references. In addition, provide a list of all figure and table names and associated numbers in a separate word document. Please follow the naming conventions presented above, e.g. “Himes_List of Tables” or ”Himes_List of Figures”. This will act as an index for future formatting if your article is accepted. All figures should be saved as raw images (JPEG or TIFF) and tables should be saved as excel files within a designated Figure & Table folder. Please DO NOT embed these within the text. There is no limit to how many files you may upload in the BTAS Dropbox, however, ensure that each file and/or folder is saved with the lead author’s last name and associated information as described above. This will ensure that all related documents are accounted for the by the co-authors following submission. A courtesy confirmation email will be sent to you upon successful upload.

Acceptance for Publication & Author’s Agreement

All articles submitted to BTAS will be reviewed by the co-editors for content & correct formatting. Criteria for acceptance: (1) articles must contain independent research that has not been published elsewhere (2) investigations follow appropriate permitting procedures if applicable (3) all archeological materials acquired for said research are from reputable sources (e.g. not looted or potted) (4) article content addresses Texas-related archeological research (5) article format follows the formatting procedures described in Formatting Guidelines accessible via this webpage. If a submitted article is accepted by the co-editors, an email will be sent to formally notify the author(s) of their article’s acceptance. This email will contain Texas Archeological Society’s Author Agreement as an attachment. This agreement must be signed and returned to the co-editors via email editor@txarch.org or regular mail. The deadline by which the Author Agreement must be returned to the co-editors will be defined within the acceptance notification email.

The Author’s Agreement contains critical information regarding the rights of TAS to redistribute an accepted article to the public within BTAS Volume 89. As mentioned previously, the co-editors will provide the Author Agreement to the author(s) upon their article’s acceptance. The Author Agreement must be signed and returned to the co-editors by the deadline provided within the acceptance email. Please feel free to contact us at editor@txarch.org for additional questions regarding content of the Author Agreement. Author Agreements must be signed by all authors.