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Field Schools

Every year the Texas Archeological Society sponsors an archeological excavation to provide training in disciplined archeological techniques.  The field school is designed to last eight days and each year is located in different areas of the state. People young and old attend the annual event and take advantage of the many activities and learning opportunities available. 

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Texas Archeology Academy provides learning opportunities in archeology for those interested in more in-depth information on archeological goals and procedures

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Annual Meeting

Each year since 1929, the Society has held an annual meeting in the fall.  The format for the get-together usually includes a public session on Friday evening, research papers on Saturday, a banquet with a nationally prominent speaker, and tours on Sunday.

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BTAS Submission

The Texas Archaeological Society Bulletin is published yearly, and contains a compilation of articles relevant to archaeology of Texas. This publication is designed to encourage avocational, professional, and academic archaeologists to share previous or ongoing research within the greater archaeological community. Submissions are open to the public. Additional information pertaining to the Call for Papers for the 2018 Bulletin, formatting requirements, and submission instructions can be found at the link below. For additional assistance, please direct your queries to:

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Hard copies of the Bulletin are provided to TAS members as part of their annual membership. Back issues are now being offered to the public through our partners at the Portal to Texas History.


Multicultural Program Scholarships

In keeping with its mission of promoting the study, preservation, and awareness of Texas archeology; encouraging scientific archeological exploration and research; supporting the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites; and providing for the interpretation and publication of the recovered data, the Texas Archeological Society has established several scholarships.

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Donors' Fund Grants

The TAS Donors' Fund is a permanent invested fund, the interest/dividend income from which is used to promote and expedite research and the publication of special reports.  The name Donors signifies that the Fund is based on donations.

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