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This section provides information about the local and regional archeological societies in Texas that frequently operate in conjunction with, though independently of, the Texas Archeological Society.  One portion outlines the societies currently existing in the TAS regions; it includes a map of those regions, as well as a list of the counties by region.  A parallel section provides information on the regions’ TAS Directors and showcases the reports they have submitted about activities in their areas.

A second set of web pages gives an explanation of how one might start a new archeological society and provides a set of example documents that are likely to be generated by such a group: application forms, bylaws, legal release, ethics statement.

The TAS website offers additional information about some of the regional societies that may be found under our Links\Texas Regional Society Links menu.  Those webpages are more likely to provide the history, mission, and goals of the societies.  The data duplicated under Contact\Regional Societies and Regional Society Information is more time-dependent, offering current officers, dates of events, meeting locations, etc.  We are not always as up-to-date as we would like, and appreciate input from regional society representatives who have more current and correct information for us to use.  This can be sent to the Webmaster and the Internet Committee Chair.

The local and regional archeological societies offer additional opportunities for individuals interested in archeology to meet others of like mind, providing a means of sharing information and experiences.  Most of these societies have regular meetings, often monthly, with guest speakers.  Many also have projects in which their members can participate and learn proper archeological field and laboratory techniques.  It is hoped that individuals who have been drawn to the TAS website will look through the local and regional society information with an eye to joining a nearby group and further enriching their knowledge of our heritage.

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