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Field School Camp and Field Information

(they will be modified as appropriate for each field season)

  • No pets.
  • No firearms or hunting.
  • No trail bikes.
  • No campfires. Cooking must be done on camp stove or fire-containing grill.
  • No individual septic or soakage pits.
  • Keep your campsite and surrounding area clean.  Bring an adequate supply of heavy duty trash bags; take filled bags to the designated disposal area.  Don’t leave food outside.
  • Curfew for the camp area is 11:00 PM.  After 11, singing and other such activities will be confined to the established party area.
  • Parents or sponsors will be responsible for minors whenever the minors are not participating in an established TAS Field School program.  Children under the age of 7 must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • No illegal drugs as defined by law on the TAS campsite, field work areas, or other property.
  • Buildings are off limits except for authorized use.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips, drive slowly, and stay on roads.
  • Do not pick up arrow or dart points or other artifacts unless authorized by the Principal Investigator.  Archeologists will tell you what samples Field School participants will collect during authorized activities.
  • Leave the facilities in better condition than you found them.

For a pleasant experience at Field School proper equipment and appropriate clothing are essential.  The following items are recommended:


Shelter and shade Tray to carry meals Comfortable clothing and shoes
Cot or sleeping bag Water jug Personal & housekeeping items
Flashlight & batteries Table First aid kit including tweezers
Lawn or camp chair Trash bags Insect repellant & sunscreen
Ice chest Raincoat Bathing suit
Drinking cup, utensils, etc. Light jacket Shower shoes


Lightweight leather hiking or work boots Canteen, at least 1 quart
Long pants – cotton jeans or khakis Compass that can be adjusted for magnetic declination (inexpensive model is Brunton 9020G Classic, ca. $10)
Lightweight, long-sleeved shirt – 100% cotton best Watch
Hat, with brim Sunglasses & bandana (recommended)
*Gloves *Sunscreen & insect repellant (non-aerosol)
*Water *Snack
Tweezers & Band-Aids Hand gel or antiseptic wipes
Lightweight backpack containing the following:
*Clipboard & acid-free paper Small notebook for journal (acid-free preferred)
*Pencils (#2 or #2H; if mechanical, .05 mm preferred; don't forget an eraser, too) *Metric tape measure (3 meter or 5 meter; Stanley Power Lock is a common brand)
Knife, all purpose Whistle to summon others (handy during survey work; walkie-talkies also effective)
Strong cord to lower packs Ruler, inch and metric


Comfortable clothes and shoes *Hat
*Gloves *Sunscreen & insect repellant (non-aerosol)
*Water *Snack
*Knee Pads  
Digging Kit:
*Clipboard & acid-free paper Small notebook for journal (acid-free preferred)
*Pencils (#2 or #2H; if mechanical, .05 mm preferred; don't forget an eraser, too) *Trowel, pointing, about 2.5 x 5.0", blade sharpened both edges, beveled from top down, bottom flat, not like a knife - Marshalltown is most common brand used
*Metric tape measure (3 meter or 5 meter; Stanley Power Lock is a common brand) 30-meter tape (optional; especially handy during survey work)
*Line level (sturdy rigid plastic; avoid aluminum w/bendable string supports) *Twine
*Small paintbrushes, about 1.5" and 2.5" or 3" *Bucket
*Small, flat scoop (dust pan or coal shovel) *Whiskbroom
*Shovel, flat, square blade (sharpened w/bevel on top side, bottom flat and not beveled) Dental picks
Bamboo splints Flagging tape (orange, blue, or blue-white striped preferred)
Compass, inexpensive plastic model that hangs around your neck All-purpose knife
File, 8", 10" or 12" mill bastard (for sharpening trowel and shovel) Plastic tool box for excavation tools

*Both Adult and Youth crews need these items


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March 16, 2016