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Rock Art Academy Curriculum Outline

The archeology and anthropology of rock art

What is “rock art”?

Engravings and petroglyphs
Earth figures

Where is rock art found?

Global distribution
Rock art on the landscape

When did production of rock art begin?

Origins of rock art
Rock art production today

Who is the artist?

How is rock art produced?

Why is rock art produced?

Analysis, dating, and classification

Physical and chemical analysis of pigments

Rock art dating

Classification and style

Interpretive methods

Informed methods of analysis

Formal methods of analysis

Scientific method in rock art – before the field

Developing a research design

Developing field protocol

Basics of rock art field recording

Implementing field protocol

Maintaining flexibility in field protocol

Rock art analysis – after the field

Conducting a feature analysis

Applying relevant ethnographic and ethnohistoric data

Testing hypotheses – developing a cable-like argument

Reformulating hypothesis and new discoveries

Management and conservation

Assessing the site

Developing a management plan


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April 20, 2013