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Annual Meeting 2012

You are invited to Tyler for the 83nd Annual Meeting of the
Texas Archeological Society
October 25-28th

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General Meeting Information

As Program Co-Chair, I invite Texas Archeological Society members to submit papers and posters for presentation at the Annual Meeting in Tyler this October.  This call is soliciting paper abstracts, symposia, and poster displays to be presented at the conference.  Authors will be notified in early September if their paper has been accepted for presentation (please note submission deadlines provided below).

Deadlines for Individual Papers and Posters

Titles and Abstracts are due by September 1, 2012.

Deadlines for Symposia

Symposia title and abstract, along with individual paper titles and abstracts, are due by August 15, 2012.

Abstracts must include the following information to be considered for the program: Type of Submission (Individual Paper/Symposium/Poster); Title; Author or Authors and Affiliations (with contact phone numbers and e-mails); and Abstracts. Abstracts for symposia, individual papers, and posters must be no more than 150 words maximum.

Abstracts should be submitted to the Program Co-Chair, Dr. Timothy K. Perttula, via e-mail to papers@txarch.org, or sent to:

Dr. Timothy K. Perttula
10101 Woodhaven Dr.
Austin, Texas 78753-4346

Feel free to contact the Program Co-Chair by e-mail or phone (512-873-8131) with ideas for papers and symposia.  I look forward to an excellent program of papers, symposia, and posters on Texas archeology.



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